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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Many years ago, the style was to have popcorn ceilings, as the textured ceilings helped minimize echoes and absorb sound. But that’s not so much the style nowadays, and it’s basically never used now. However, lots of houses still have popcorn ceilings simply because it’s a bit messy to do popcorn ceiling removal.

It could be tempting to remove your popcorn ceilings yourself, but to be honest, it’s the type of job that’s best left to the professional painters. It’s a tough job and there could be a few safety issues to be aware of. Us professional Winnipeg painters come fully equipped with all the equipment. Chances are that if your popcorn ceiling was installed before the 70’s it may contain white asbestos, but if it was post 70’s, it’s probably a Styrofoam or paper based mix.

popcorn ceiling removal