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Drywall Repair

Unfortunately, from time to time, things happen and holes or other contusions get put into drywall.

Even the smallest hole can be a huge pain because the process takes several steps and drywall taping/repairing isn’t always everyone’s natural talent.

We’ll come into your home or business to patch, sand, and prime your drywall repair. If you want us to paint it for you, no problem. But if you want us just to fix it for you and getting it ready, so that you can paint it yourself, all good as well.

It’s not always crazy kids wailing all over the place that cause drywall damage; it could be from moving furniture, door knobs closing and hitting the wall, etc.

Maybe you’re getting ready to sell your house, maybe you’re someone who likes everything the way you like it, or maybe it’s just been building up for too long and it’s time to get it all done, but whichever way it is, repairing drywall is a tedious process so why not leave it to us?

drywall repair

Some common causes of drywall damage:

  • Nails
  • Furniture moving
  • House settling cracking
  • Damage from removing tiles
  • Joint tape loosening
  • Moisture/mold damage
  • Naturally occurring wear and tear

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