Vertigo Painters

Stucco Painting

Assuming that your stucco doesn’t need repairing first, we can right down to painting your stucco. Whether you want to match the existing stucco colour or go a new direction, we can help you find a colour you’ll love.

Giving your stucco a new coat of paint can really increase the curb value of your home while also protecting the stucco from the elements. We’d advise using an elastomeric paint that stops the moisture from getting in.

Whether it’s the stucco on your home or commercial building, Vertigo Painters is based out of Winnipeg, but we can travel to close communities around the city.

Since stucco is a textured surface, it requires proper and professional painters to do the job properly, keeping it’s unique look.

When you hire Vertigo Painters, you can expect us to paint efficiently with great attention to detail. We’ll complete the job on time and to your complete satisfaction and expectations.

close-up stucco painting