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Deck Painting

We all know how short our Winnipeg summers can be. And come summer, we want to take advantage of staying outside as much as possible and for as long as possible. But, the afternoon rays can be overshadowed if your deck is looking all shattered after taking a beating from Mother Nature.

Investing a few bucks in staining and painting your deck will do wonders for your enjoyment while sipping on summer beverages and spending time with friends.

Even if you don’t have the biggest deck around, staining and painting your deck can still amount to a big job. Leave it to the professionals to do the hard work while you enjoy the sun.

home stucco exterior after

Painting and staining your deck takes a bit more consideration than just buying a generic can of stain. For example, if your deck is beside a pool where lots of water gets on it, or if it’s in plain sun, or surrounded by leaky trees, these are all things you should take into account when choosing to paint or stain your deck. Whatever you do, though, make sure to put something on your untreated wood, as the elements will surely break it down quickly.