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Basement Painting

Regardless if you’re using your basement for entertaining, extra storage, or a living space, having a well-painted basement will make it a more welcoming space.

Putting on a fresh coat of paint can transform a dark, cold space feel vibrant, cool and clean. When you’re ready to start off with a new coat of paint for your basement, give us a call.

No two basements are exactly alike, but there is one thing that applies to most basements, and that is they don’t have a ton of natural light coming in.


The lack of natural light means basements are usually dark. When choosing your colours, you want to be selective, as while you might automatically think white is the best option, you could add a bit of colour to the walls for some complementary aesthetics. 

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For basement colours, you might want to stick with the more common neutral colours like beige, taupe and cream. Other colours that work typically well in basements are blue, lavender, and soft gray.

We will help you choose which colours work best with your space. Contact us today for your consult and quote.