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Why should you hire a professional Winnipeg painter?

Let’s not kid around, there are more resources than ever for homeowners to take a messy and detailed job like painting and turn it into a DIY project.

In fact, most home improvement stores will encourage customers to do it themselves.

And while there’s nothing particularly wrong with that, there should be some things you’re aware of.

Whether you’re trying your hand at painting your home for the very first time, or you’ve done a few walls at some point in the past, the potential is there to make mistakes by anyone who doesn’t have the training, skills, and experience that it takes to properly paint the walls, ceilings, baseboards of your home.

Ian Ferenc professional winnipeg painter

Here are a few common DIYers mistakes:

  • Not doing any preparation or doing it haphazardly
  • Lackluster cleanup
  • Using the wrong sheen
  • Starting to paint without any direction or plan
  • Skipping taping

In reality, the majority of the job is all about the prep work and the cleanup. Painting is the least amount of work in the scope of the project. The other problem that homeowners run into is that they don’t like the paint they bought once they apply it to the walls and see it firsthand. Any professional painter will be able to guide you to what you’re looking for.

Selecting your paint colour and type is something you should consider involving your Winnipeg painter in, as we may have suggestions that make the difference between lackluster and exceptional.

And to put it simply, the other major reason to hire a professional Winnipeg painter is because you deserve a break. Let us take care of it, while you sit back and enjoy life!

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