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How to choose the perfect painter

The moment you start searching on Google for a “Winnipeg painter” or “professional Winnipeg painting companies”, or go onto Facebook and post the dreaded ISO (in search of) post looking for recommendations, you’ll be drowned in a lot of options.

The problem with Facebook is that when you post on there looking for recommendations, have the comments are from friends or family of the painters, while the majority of the other half only tag someone without offering very much information, such as quality of work, price, etc.

The trick is to learn how to narrow down those options to the ones that are best suited to what you need done.

choose perfect painter

For example, if you needed someone to paint something higher up, you’d want to look for a company that offers rope services.

Probably the biggest error and misconception out there is that you should do some tire kicking and contact multiple painting contractors to find the lowest price. This isn’t always the best strategy, and we’ll tell you why.

  • While everyone wants to get a cheap price, be careful to check that this doesn’t mean shoddy materials or inferior quality work 
  • With painting, a lot of times you get what you pay for, meaning that the expectations of the final product are greater and more justified when you don’t pay the cheapest price
  • Check for strings attached to the contract. Sometimes contractors will offer you a base plan and then try to upcharge you on other things (i.e. cleanup)
  • Remember that the paint will be there for awhile, so you want the walls to be painted with long-lasting quality, which means looking for good value in high quality work balanced with a reasonable price
  • Let’s say you go with the cheapest painter who doesn’t do a high quality job, and now you have to pay another painter to come in and fix all the mistakes
At Vertigo Painters, we are very reasonable on price, and our quality workmanship speaks for itself.

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