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Benefits of Professional Commercial Exterior Painting

A lot of businesses run lean today, and sometimes an exterior painting job isn’t exactly a priority, especially if it’s a business that doesn’t or rarely receives customers. However, to really see the potential your commercial building holds, sometimes you need to see it professionally painted to unlock that vision.

While we all know what a paint job can do, sometimes the problem is validating the expense, or if you don’t own the property, convincing the property owner to incur the expense.

stucco painting

Here are some benefits of commercial exterior painting:

  • First and foremost is adding a layer of wall protection
  • Making a good first impression for customers or suppliers coming to your building
  • Increasing the property value of the building
  • Update the appearance to a more modern look
  • Attracting new clients

Some business owners need to validate the reason to paint commercially by backing it up with projections on ROI (return on investment). There are a few ways to look at it. One way is to look at it like how much business will you gain with a new, upgraded paint job. The other is how much business will you not lose because your building no longer looks shabby and run down.

One way to validate is to take a customer survey to see how many customers feel a certain way about what they feel when they walk through your doors.

If your building looks run down and shabby, customers could think that it’s also how you run your business, and how you treat your customers. You will never know how many customers you are sending directly to your competition, who probably have a fresh look on the outside of their building.

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